John 19:30 Greek

John 19:30
"So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said "Finished!" {tetelestai} {eternal salvation life work complete --- substitutionary spiritual death on the cross}. And having pushed His head forward, He dismissed His spirit {physical death}".


             BY FAITH ALONE

                  IN CHRIST ALONE


Thursday, April 6, 2006

* Believers are not listening to God's voice. They are listening to lower dimension talking heads and they spew their human points of view. As a result their souls are sucking in the doctrine of demons.

* Believers in this nation are the biggest babies that have ever existed in the Church Age. This problem is they just won't integrate.

* The issue is not to rehabilitate your old self in Adam. The issue is to integrate inside God's divine system and fully embrace His accomplishments. It is impossible to rehabilitate your old self anyway. God wouldn't use anything from human birth - human heritage to begin with. God will only use what He has accomplished on your behalf.

* If we don't use I John 1:9 and keep ultra short account of our sins, we will not be FHS and we will not advance spiritually.

* God has provided us a wonderful life of freedom from the world (TWS), the flesh (sin nature) and the devil, if we will allow Him to transform our soul.

* Hebrews 1:1-3