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John 19:30 Greek

John 19:30
"So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said "Finished!" {tetelestai} {eternal salvation life work complete --- substitutionary spiritual death on the cross}. And having pushed His head forward, He dismissed His spirit {physical death}".


             BY FAITH ALONE

                  IN CHRIST ALONE


Thursday. January 25, 2018

* Hebrews 10:2. Revelation 19:3-5

* All Angels, fallen and elect have volition, as do all human beings.

* Verse 3 :> this smoke will rise from the Lake of Burning Fire and Sulfur. This compartment has no proximity to Heaven and will not be a part of the New Heaven and New Earth that the Lord Jesus Christ will create.

* Verse 4 :> refers to various ranking Angels. The four mentioned are top tier Seraph Angels. The Angels became Seraphs as a result of their synchronized executions.

* Verse 5 > small / micros - refers to believers that had no or little doctrine or believers that had doctrine that they would not apply. No doctrine means no decorations and rewards that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

* God made provisions from Eternity for every believer to receive decorations and rewards that glorify Him. But even when believers have no decorations and rewards, they still receive a Resurrection Body just like that our of Lord Jesus Christ

* Verse 5 > great / megos - refers to synchronized Warrior / Champions (Nikao’ers)

* Any believer that pursues happiness in people. things and circumstances and adjusts and refines their adjustment to me, myself and I, when the Lord lifts them off the earth, this will be of great relief to them and the miserable life they led. Remember, a faith alone in Christ alone individual that remains a desynchronized believer is under a curse.

* Environment has nothing to do with the creatures failures. This was proven in Lucifer’s fall in the perfect environment of Heaven. Adam's fall in the perfect environment of the Garden and the failure of individuals in the perfect environment of the Millennial Reign of Christ.

* This devil's world is a very dangerous place. There are no safe places or safe spaces down here. Only the believer residing and functioning in the divine purity of the Grand Strategy of Light is secure and protected by the Lord’s Wall of Fire.

* There is no excuse for any individual to fail in express faith alone in Christ alone and there is no excuse for any believer to become a Nlkao’er. There is only the winds of volition.