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John 19:30 Greek

John 19:30
"So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said "Finished!" {tetelestai} {eternal salvation life work complete --- substitutionary spiritual death on the cross}. And having pushed His head forward, He dismissed His spirit {physical death}".


             BY FAITH ALONE

                  IN CHRIST ALONE


Thursday, January 4, 2018

* Hebrews 10:2, Revelation 18:19-21

* Human history demonstrates that man cannot solve even lower dimension problems much less the spiritual problems that issue from his fallen condition that renders him dead to God and on his / her way in the Lake of Fire. We must be born again by expressing faith alone in Christ alone. Then we must begin to adjust and refine our adjustment to Him by means of faith alone in the Mind of Christ alone. This is a step by step, lifetime process.

* Every individual is going to become aware that almost 100% of their time allotted to them was wasted. And in the life of the unbeliever, their entire lifetime was a fatal experiment whereby they will be separated from the Glorious Three forevermore.

* Verse 19 > throwing dust on themselves was an expression of grieving.

* Human knowledge cannot comprehend or even conceive of the invisible Great Angelic War raging all around us.

* Verse 20 > the response in Heaven is to rejoice. This is a divine injunction to those in Heaven which includes Old Covenant believers, Church Age believers and Tribulations martyrs. Old Covenant believers are Family of God. Church Age believers are Heavenly Aristocracy as Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ.

* Verse 20 > knno / Judgment - for hunting down, torturing and murdering believers during the Tribulation. He judges all of those involved in killing those that belong to Him.

* Verse 21 > ballo / threw - means to throw, to cast.