John 19:30 Greek

John 19:30
"So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said "Finished!" {tetelestai} {eternal salvation life work complete --- substitutionary spiritual death on the cross}. And having pushed His head forward, He dismissed His spirit {physical death}".


             BY FAITH ALONE

                  IN CHRIST ALONE


Thursday, January 4, 2007

* Prov. 3:13 Chokmah / wisdom > this word is the equivalent of Epignosis in the Greek.

* The happiness of God that is imputed to His champions is resented by those that habitually reside in the Tytanic World System (TWS).

* The believer with overlapping, rainbow, non-meritoreous volition is caused by the Godhead Three to fulfill His plan. This believer is empowered by them to execute the interests of God.

* Long life in verse 16 does not mean a long life measured in physical time. Remember, our role model, the Lord Jesus Christ only lived to age 33. Long life here is a reference to a Ligradoc filled life.

* lf we will trust in God and execute based on the Divine point of view, He will take care of us and the self continuity issues in our life.

* All Church age believers are in union with each other through their position in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a Church age mystery Doctrine.

* Some people have gods of cars and airplanes and homes all around this whole round planet. Their problem is they only have one soul and it has no Doctrine. And they can't get away from their own soul. They don't have God's happiness and they don't have God's capacity. But they have their soul and they can't drive away from it or fly away from it. We bring our "state of soul" into EVERYTHING we think and do.

* People may plan for years ahead but God only gives us one day at a time.

* We can change our location and our circumstances but we can't change the status of our soul. Only God can transform our soul through our non meritoreous response to His infinite accomplishments.

* Will we allow God to lead us to a state of soul where He can impute His happiness?